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Amon Tobin

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Amon Tobin moved to the U.K. in his early teens with a healthy appetite for all things hip hop, jazz, and blues. At 17 he began experimenting with equipment. At 19 he moved to Portugal to make a meager living as a street performer. At 21, his traveling bug satisfied, he returned to Brighton (on the South coast of England), sat down, and started formalizing the musical experience he had gained. The ensuing promotional tapes led to a deal with Ninebar that resulted in four 12-inches and the Adventures In Foam album, all under the name Cujo.

In '96 he signed to Ninja Tune under his real name. He released the Creatures EP in late '96 and followed it with the Chomp Samba EP and the Bricolage LP in '97. His love for jazz, funk, blues, and hip hop comes through clearly in his perfectly executed exotic noise explosions. The "Mosh Mix" of "Pick Up The Pieces Of Saturn," recorded for Loosegroove Records is a heady melange of tough drum and bass amens and abstract hip hop percussion. "Four Ton Mantis" and "Get Your Snack On," taken from Supermodified on Ninja Tune, show the gentler side of Amon's personality.

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